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Brainchild of Federico Castellucci and Chad Crete, the Iberian Pig is a unique restaurant that serves unparalleled meals in a fun and comfortable setting. The Iberian Pig was designed by Amanda Millner as a warm and inviting atmosphere that mirrors the cuisine with a level of simplicity, fun, and comfort. ... more »
The Morrow Center is Georgia’s newest International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) and Marriott-level center. Located 10 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and just 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta, the Morrow Center offers more than 28,000 square feet of flexible meeting and social space to accommodate any event needs. Built ... more »
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The face of golf has changed since the boom of the industry in the 1990s. ... more »
Gone are the days when the typical business meeting planner was given a budget, asked ... more »
Anyone who has attended a lengthy business meeting knows the importance of high-quality food and ... more »
Spas and other lifestyle-oriented programs have become a must-have for meetings and events. Meetings and ... more »
One of the growing trends of corporate America is that employees of major companies are ... more »
Over the last two decades, golf events have become staples of the corporate calendar. Whether ... more »
If it hasn’t been established already, ROI is an element of the meetings and events industry that planners are going to have to embrace ... more »
The hotel concierge is often thought of as a luxury service that only top-tier guests are invited to use. However, the concierge can be ... more »
It’s only 20 minutes into the corporate team building meeting, and restless audience members are shifting in their chairs. The rambling speaker has yet ... more »
Event service providers produce all of the essentials that are needed to create a dynamic and alluring tradeshow booth. The creation of a bold ... more »
Team-building events are often the most difficult to plan and execute because of the emotionally charged subjects that are addressed. It is often hard ... more »
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